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Additional Releases
This Month

Crimson Fable’s long-awaited 1994 album “Fragments” is set to be released on March 17th, featuring their signature prog-rock sound and will include the songs “Welcome To Glittertown” and “Find Your Way,” among other notable tracks.

Killion Finch’s album “Chasing The Sunlight” will be released worldwide on March 24th, showcasing his work from his second studio album.

Killion Finch (Coming Soon)

My second studio album by my alter-ego held many challenges. “Chasing the Sunlight” is more than just a collection of newer songs – it reflects my journey through loss and healing.

The album opens with the biting yet upbeat track “Let You Go.” As the song’s mood is hopeful, the lyrics may be more cynical as one looks to the future and leaves behind the pain of the past. The music sets the tone for the rest of the album, which explores the many facets of change, recovery, and learning to go on, even with unanswered questions.

Crimson Fable (Coming Soon)

Formed in the early ’90s, Crimson Fable was a progressive rock experiment that
was used to represent the influences and passions of many groundbreaking prog-rock musical groups such as Yes, Genesis, Styx, Rush, Kansas, The Moody Blues, The Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), Saga, and the British prog-rock band, Marillion.

Crimson Fable was born from the remnants of the second incarnation of Fair Exchange. After the departure of lead guitarist Dave Perrigan, bassist Marc Miller introduced us to guitar virtuoso Art Bromage. It was Art’s flawless audition that sealed the deal for him. We immediately asked him to join the group.